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Day 17ish

Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Woodrow, with bonus Moose & Monkeys.

Woodrow looks like he is made of wood...

...even up close...

...until you touch him. He is cast bronze.

He lives at the Walker Art Center's Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Here's what their site says about him:


"In the 1970s I made horses out of real mud and sticks. They were, in part, meant to reflect how much a horse is part of his environment--I combined the figure and the ground."--Deborah Butterfield

Deborah Butterfield's remarkable interpretations of horses are constructed from such materials as crushed metal, wire, mud, straw, and fragments of wood. The sculptor has several horses of her own on a ranch in Montana, where she studies their movements and form carefully. Unlike Marino Marini's sculpture Cavaliere (Horseman) (circa 1949), in which the horse is portrayed as a stylized creature, Butterfield's sculptures are portraits of individual animals. For Woodrow, the artist took a selection of sticks, tree branches, and bark that she cast in bronze, then assembled and welded the pieces together into the form of a horse. Even though Butterfield's sculpture is made of many fragments, its spare and elegant structure is very lifelike. Woodrow blends easily with the natural setting of the Garden because the artist patinated (colored) the bronze branches and twigs, making them look like natural wood.

Text Citation
Text for Deborah Butterfield, Woodrow (1988), from the curriculum guide The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: A Garden for All Seasons, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1998.
Object Details
Dimensions: without base 99 x 105 x 74 inches
Inscriptions: N.A.; N.A.
Classification: Sculptures; Sculpture
Physical Description: Horse constructed of bronze sticks and branches
Owner: Walker Art Center
Accession Number: 1988.375
Credit Line: Gift of Harriet and Edson W. Spencer, 1988

(And bonus art. The user pic I used is a painting I did for art class.)

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