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Thunderbirds are go!

genevra, akdar & the monkeys are going down to see one of the last shuttle launches.
When they told us this prompted a lot of jealous musings of "I wish I could go."
We can get round trip flights to Orlando in May for less than $200 each! Well, with airfare being that cheap hellbob & I decided that we ARE gonna go!

NASA - STS-132

STS-132, here we come! The launch is scheduled for 2:28 pm on Friday, May 14.

Unfortunately we can't stay down there for too long because I don't get paid time off, and the hotel costs can really start to add up. But, we are planning to fly down Thursday evening (so I can work all day Thursday, or most of the day at least) and then probably fly home on an early morning flight on Monday.

I can't believe we're actually gonna see a shuttle launch. I'll definitely be bringing my precious baby - the 400 mm 2.8 lens.

So exciting! Also, so potentially stressful. It would really suck to go all the way down there and not get to see the launch because it's delayed past our time there. Does Cape Canaveral sell "I came to see the Space Shuttle launch and all I got was this stupid shirt" shirts? :)
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