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More awesomeness in my life

Besides the awesome trip to Phoenix at the end of May and the awesome shuttle launch in the middle of May, there's a bunch of stuff locally coming up that makes me happy.

I just found out that Uncle Kracker is going to be in town in just a few weeks! He'll be at The Rock on March 20th. He's w/some band called Rehab that I've never heard of so hopefully he's headlining this time. I am so there!

Then, the very next weekend on Friday, March 26th Sunspot will be back in Rochester again! This time we'll probably spend the night, either at a cheap hotel, or at a friend's house. I'm not used to getting my Sunspot fix twice so close together. Yay!

And on June 18th MPR is bringing John Hodgman to town! I lurve him, so I really want to go. hellbob says he has a band concert that night though, so I'm not sure if he's going to want me to go without him.

With all these cool things running around in my brain when I go to sleep tonight, what kind of fucked up dreams will I have? John Hodgman flying Space Shuttle Atlantis, with Sunspot & Uncle Kracker floating around playing music? Then we land in Phoenix and all hang out with Wil Wheaton and James Marsters? How fabulous would that be? LOL
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