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That's gonna hurt

I caught up on reading Twitter. I caught up on reading Facebook. I transfered the pics from my camera memory cards to my computer. I was going to catch up on reading LJ. But it's too damn late. 2:00 am. I should be in bed.
I'll catch up tomorrow...
I may even post some pictures and tell y'all about my lovely evening. I walked down by the river & took pictures, then had a couple refreshing beverages at Pracna on Main, then went to see the AMAZING documentary "Prodigal Sons" at St. Anthony Main.
I'm tired now.
I'm going to be very stiff & achey tomorrow because while walking along by St. Anthony Main w/two hours to kill between work & the movie I decided to go check out the lower trail. I deny any rumor that says I ducked under a chain to get there... I just love that area down there where you can see old ruins and look up at the old buildings and see little branches from the river trickle by. I can't wait until it greens up this spring/summer! Anyway, my super out of shape self is already feeling the ache from climbing on uneven surfaces. It was worth it though. :)
And now, off too bed.
Tags: happy, minneapolis, movie, river, sore, tired

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