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Did I mention how pretty Phoenix was?

OK, so I don't have a write up about Phoenix ComiCon yet. But, I did get my pictures from the James Marsters Q & A up on Flickr.

But first, a link:
Thanks to A Geek And His Wife we've got some good quality video of ComiCon panels out there. I know a lot of people recorded stuff, but these aren't on You Tube. So, they aren't broken down into a bunch of short segments! I don't know about you, but I really hate having to watch 6 different videos just to see one full 1 hr panel! Now that I have found this site I'm going to have to go watch all the panels I didn't make it too!

For your viewing pleasure, the whole James Marsters Q & A:

And since not all of you out there want to see tons of pics of James, here's just one.

James Marsters Q & A

He gets very emotional when talking about Macbeth:
James Marsters Q & A

Someone's been keeping his arms in nice shape!
James Marsters Q & A

Love this man's laugh & smile
James Marsters Q & A

He is so animated when speaking
James Marsters Q & A

And when you are asking a question, you are his sole focus
James Marsters Q & A
James Marsters Q & A

Note the sticky patch on his right arm. The man has been off cigarettes for YEARS, but won't give up the nicotine patches!
James Marsters Q & A

James Marsters Q & A

James Marsters Q & A

Hey God? Why does this Q & A have to end? Why?
James Marsters Q & A

As always, it was great fun watching James bounce around on stage for an hour. I can only imagine he would have been moving around more had the mike not been all wired under the table & shit.

I really wanted to punch annoying moderator guy, especially after it switched over to the questions from the audience. Really dude, at that point SHUT UP! You're there to keep things flowing if they slow down, not to fan boy all over James like it's a conversation between the two of you. And when James is doing a Q&A, things don't die down to where a moderator is needed to get it going.

The whole Flickr set can be seen HERE. I just wish I had more pics. My lens just wasn't quite fast enough, so some of my shots were a titch blurred.
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