HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

I really do have intentions of posting...

So I was reading LJ for the first time in a while & looked at my account. Holy frak! I haven't posted in TWENTY days!
And hey, it looks like Loud Twitter died about 2 weeks ago. Yeah, I know, you're thinking "But Sharon doesn't post her tweets." And you're right. But I like to have them there to help me remember what I've said/done and to make it easier to find links I've tweeted, so I do post them, but only as private posts for my own reference. *sigh* There's another program, Twiteinesis or something silly like that. They don't have the option of setting the security level or even doing an LJ cut as far as I can find. So, no tweet reference for me!

And what's a HellZiggy been up to for the last month since she obviously hasn't been posting? Well, lets see what I can remember... (remember = go back & look at Twitter because I am old & forgetful & shit!)

OK, July 1-4 - CONvergence. Of course. Very exhausting this year. Had actual time commitments during con, working on the GPS Silent Auction. Weird. Not used to having so much structure. Wasn't a bad thing but definitely meant a different energy than other years. Next year I will know what to expect though.
Also different for Rick this year, as he was the guest liaison for author L.A. Banks. (liaison is very hard to spell. yay spellcheck!) Leslie was great! Very sweet and funny and just a nice person.
Moose had a lovely time at CONvergence too. He got to have his picture taken while hanging from Voltaire's mouth, and with an actual real Emmy award!
I am married to Lex Luther. Paul Cornell's first issue of Action Comics came out the day before CVG so he got the con to give him a slot on stage to do a live reading of it. My uber-talented husband played Lex and was just fabulous! I guess I now officially have a thing for Lex Luthor voice actors, since James Marsters has voiced animated versions of him.

July 5 - Back at work, very tired. Flurry of post-con Facebook friendings. Just a few years ago it was all post-con LJ friendings. *sigh* I do miss you LJ. I promise to try to spend more time with you! Anyway, post-con friendings. Slightly surreal this year as I am now Facebook friends w/a Doctor Who writer, a bestselling supernatural romance author, and one of TVs Ghost Hunters. My life just seems weird sometimes.

July 8 - Our Future Dark Overlord, Scott Sigler, was in Minneapolis again on another book tour. Ancestor this time. Rick & I went to the reading and to the bar afterwards. The personalization he added to his signature on my book was awesome and deserves its own post, with pictures.

July 9 - Was hanging out in a friend's back yard and remembered to check the flyover times for the International Space Station. Spotted it immediately and it was pretty dang cool. Everyone else seemed to dig it too when I pointed it out.

July 12 - My dad had surgery that day to clean out bone spurs and then put titanium in and fuse 3 vertebrae in his neck because he'd been in pain for a month & cortisone injections hadn't helped. He came through just fine. He's now taken his first step towards becoming a cyborg. He assured me that the doctor did not work for Cyberdyne or Skynet. I'll be keeping an eye out for signs of turning evil anyway.

July 12 - I also became old this day. Yup, I'm 40 now. At least that's what I've been told. I'm still in denial.

July 16 - We had a party here to celebrate me not turning 40. Despite the short notice of deciding to do it less than a week before we still had a bunch of lovely people show up. We really must have people over more often.

July 17 - Rick was supposed to have an outdoor jazz band concert but it was storming so we all stayed in and played board games instead.

July 18 - Got together with a bunch of friends for a Jucy Lucy cookoff. Yum!

July 21 - Work was slow & I had nothing to do by noon so I abandoned ship & got a good lens, ran home for my camera, and went to the zoo for the afternoon. \0/ I ♥ the zoo!

July 23 - Lorraine was going to the drive-in with the dogs & wanted to get a group together. Rick was going to a concert I didn't care about so I joined the drive-in party. We saw Salt (Angelina is really too skinny at the moment) and I got to meet the Awesome Dogs of Awesomeness, Cabal & Lola.
Loved the drive-in. So cool. I'm now trying to figure out a weekend I can make Rick go and we'll steal my dad's pickup to sit in the back and we'll bring a grill & have yummy food before.

July 24 - Watched Rick take things apart on his car. Emailed pictures of the engine & parts to his mechanic friend while Rick was asking him questions. We went downtown to watch the Aquatennial fireworks from the bridge.

July 25 - Went to the firing range with a friend and shot a bunch of his cool guns. Then afterwards Rick put his car back together.

July 27 - Used free Birthday Blast passes from Acme Comedy Company with Romeo, Shaya, Steve & Tammy to see Kjell Bjorgen. He was very funny, as was featured act Cy Amundson.

And that's what I've been doing with my time.

Things I'll be doing in the near future:

* Watching a movie outside in a friend's back yard.

* Going to the CONvergence volunteers party.

* Going to my parents cabin w/Rick, my brother, his wife, their kid, my sister, her husband, their two kids, my cousin, his wife, their kid, her cousin, my friend, and my friend's girlfriend. Yeah, the cabin's not really that big. And my family is crazy.

* Possibly road-tripping to Madison to see Sunspot

* Posting about & pimping the current Vote To Send Me To Antarctica contest. I need to do a big email/twitter/blog push. I haven't done much this time because it was fairly exhausting last time and I did ok, but not nearly close enough. This time I think I will try to get many people to all RT it around the same time. I'll also at the same time send out one Facebook message to everyone, but only one because I don't want to spam my friends. Twitter is fleeting enough that the repetition pretty much gets lost.

* Yes, I really will sort and post the pictures I've been taking since May.

* I need to pick one for the State Fair Fine Art competition too. I know what group of pictures I have that I'll be taking it from, I just need to make a final decision of which one.

*And yeah, I know I still need to write about the actual Space Shuttle Launch. And everything from ComiCon. And w00tstock.

But first, it's 1:30. I need to go to bed!

I've missed you all! And I'm going to try to catch up on reading if I can. And I promise not to leave you for another 20 days.

Good Night!

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