HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Supernatural season premier!

Finally watched Friday's Supernatural season premier.

~Awww. Domestic Dean is so freaking adorable, but it's so sad.

~Of course he's got wards and weapons under the bed though.

~Ha! Pest control

~All the ladies love Dean. Who can blame them?

~Oh Dean, you just can't stop being a hunter can you?

~Scratches in the hotel, and now on the pole? Something's leading him.

~LOL! Killer Yorkie!

~Pest control. Good cover.

~C'mon Dean. Lisa knows about the hunting. Stop trying to cover. She'll see through it.

~Eek! Wasn't expecting the YED.


~Aww. Poor Dean thinks he's dead.

~So he's supposed to believe nothing is real, except his dead brother? He's gonna have a hard time with that one.

~Or not...

~Oh yeah, Dean's gonna be pissed when he finds out it's been a year.

~Hee hee. "You have delicate features for a hunter."

~Whoa. They have family

~Grandpa too!

~I hate it when things seem too good to be true. I'm guessing grandpa will end up being a bad thing.

~Oh no, not Lisa & Ben. :(

~Whew. They're safe.

~It's Bobby! Yay!

~Bobby knew too. Everyone's trying to protect Dean.

~Poor Lisa. She know's she's going to lose him.

~Love them all picking on Dean's new life. "Golf? Really?"

~You're hallucinating Dean. Lisa & Ben aren't there.

~What? Capturing rather than killing? What's gramps & cuz up to?

~Dean offers the Impala and Sam says no? So sad!

Tags: live reaction post, spn

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