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30-Day Photo Meme

malnpudl's friend surreallis created this photo meme.
It sounds really cool so I'll probably be starting it in the near future.

30-day Photo Meme

Take a photo according to theme and post in your journal. The rules are lax and simple.
- You can use any type of camera you want. From an SLR to a cell phone. Tech isn't important.
- The quantity of photos you take for each theme is up to you. Post one or a hundred. Be kind with LJ cuts and remember that if you're going for artistic, a hundred pics might dilute the effect.
- You don't have to post every day. Life happens. By the end of the meme you should have 30 posts though, with at least 30 photos that you took yourself.
- You can rearrange the themes to suit your schedule. The order is unimportant.
- Interpretation of the themes is completely up to you. There are no photo cops defining them.

1. Home
2. Sustenance
3. A view from a window
4. The sky
5. Night time
6. Macro (Extreme close-up)
7. A day in the life
8. Wildlife
9. Motion
10. Sunset or sunrise
11. Emotion
12. Elemental
13. Landscape
14. Color
15. Spooky
16. Alien
17. Free space. Post a pic of anything you want.
18. A day in the life 2 (try to make it different than #1)
19. Point-of-view (try a new one)
20. History
21. Seasonal
22. Childhood
23. Decay
24. The beauty of everyday objects
25. Weather
26. Time
27. Civilization
28. Architecture (structure)
29. Signs
30. Light or shadow

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