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Life with the puppy is still mostly good. I learned tonight that walking in heavy rain doesn't phase Yuki one tiny little bit. He still hops & runs & snuffles & sniffs just as much as when it's not raining, and he still pees when he's good & ready. Really the only difference is that he also occasionally stops to drink the running water from the gutters. He's pretty good about letting me towel him off when we get in. But... oh boy does he smell like wet dog! I know! A wet dog that smells like wet dog! Who'da thunk?

Life with my darling Lump cat, however, is not so good. After 2 weeks of tolerating the dog when he ignored her and hissing & swatting at him when he tried to sniff or play with her she apparently decided she needed to express her displeasure to us. She chose to do this by peeing on the bed! (On the side she doesn't normally sleep on, of course!) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We can't afford to drop $1000 for a new king-size mattress & box spring right now! So we hauled it out to the garage & saturated the spot with anti-pee enzyme cleaner. Then when it was dry we saturated it again. It appears to have taken care of almost all of the odor. I think it helps that we were able to treat it before the cat pee dried. Tomorrow we see if we can still smell cat pee. If we don't we'll flip it to use the other side, and get plastic to protect it in case she tries again. Then we'll start saving money to buy a new mattress set ASAP. Luckily we have a spare bedroom in the basement with our old queen size bed so Rick & I have been sleeping down there since Friday.

This last weekend was definitely a mixed bag for me.

On Saturday I went over to the strange foreign land of St. Paul to Common Good Books where Twitter friend Matt Debenham was doing a reading from his book of short stories The Book of Right and Wrong. I was late and completely missed the reading part, but I got my copy signed and joined a group of Twitter folk over at the Muddy Pig. Some of them I'd met earlier this summer at MPR's WITS w/John Hodgman, and some were new. The Twitter peeps, in no particular order, were: @stellar225 @amanjo @debenham @vernacularshift @completelydark @batsly & @crapulent. The Muddy Pig was have a beer festival of some sort so when Amanjo & I ordered our beers we got tiny little baby beers. Turned out that you could order in a group of 3 to try different ones and it would be cheaper in the long run than ordering one at a time. The baby beers were cute, but tiny.

After leaving the Muddy Pig I came home & immediately headed to the theater with Rick so we could watch Paranormal Activity 2 with Romeo. It was good. I really liked the way they tied it together with the first one. At that point, after the movie, I should have had the guys drop me off at home since a headache was starting. Instead I went with them for a drink & appetizers. By the time we did get home I couldn't do anything but take my migraine drugs and crawl into bed. Bleah.

Sunday started with a delicious brunch at Granite City Brewery with Rick's family, as his dad & step-mom were starting their drive to Arizona for the winter that day. Om nom nom! I loves me a good breakfast/brunch buffet!

After brunch we came home to take the pup for a quick walk before heading over to the memorial service for gingerpook. It was a nice memorial, and lots of people said lovely things about Ginger. She's going to be missed.

Between the cat pee & the migraine & the memorial I really felt drained after this weekend. Aren't the weekends supposed to rejuvenate you?

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