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Dogs, drunks & apps - misc. shit

There was no dog here when I got home tonight and it was kind of a bummer. Monica had taken him for his overdue nail trimming. Such a good pup. He's asleep next to me on the couch right now.

No crazy people at work today. Pretty boring day in fact.

Barnes & Noble managed to annoy me. On my iPhone I have both the Kindle app and the Barnes & Noble eReader app for reading ebooks. I prefer the B&N one because I like the font I have selected and the navigation is nice. Both the Kindle & B&N have the ability to lock your books into either portrait or landscape mode. This is very important to me as I tend to read it while laying in bed and I don't want it flipping back and forth every time I move.

Well, I bought a couple B&N NOOKbooks and they wouldn't load into the B&N eReader. I got on my computer to check for updates and found that they've now introduced the NOOK app. You'd think it would be similar to the one they already had, but it's not!

The iPhone NOOK app SUCKS! There is NO way to lock the orientation. And there are no navigation options. You're stuck with the ones they have. Tapping the right side to turn the page forward & the left side to turn the page back is fine. But to get the menus you tap in the middle. The screen's not that big. I keep getting the stupid menus when I'm trying to turn the page. Grrr! On the previous app you tapped to turn the pages but to get the menu you had to do a swipe. Weirdly enough, I didn't have issues with the menu continuously popping up on the old app.

Looks like I'm going to reverse my ebook buying M.O. and buy from Amazon first and just use B&N when it's not on Amazon.

If it ain't broke, don't freaking fix it!

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