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Another good weekend!

I had a lovely weekend. Friday night was vanaabegra's birthday party and I got to drink delicious homemade dark malty beer while talking to people I already knew & even meeting some new people. It felt very retro because I added new people on LJ instead of Twitter or Facebook. So 2008! (Hi pgdudda, phoenixredux & grenacia!) I still find it odd to meet people who have heard of HellZiggy.

Saturday was pretty low-key. hellbob & I went to see Due Date with romeoa. It was fun, but not awesome. Unfortunately it suffered from the dreaded "all the funniest bits are in the trailer" disease. Then we had Clan Foley come over for the evening and they all got to meet Yuki. Tom had already met him, but none of the rest of them had. We just hung out and watched the Blu-Ray of Highlander. Not really anything too awesome on that. Of course the movie was still as awesome as ever, but the Blu-Ray really didn't add anything special.

Today I convinced Rick that we really needed to go to Fat Nat's for breakfast because it had been far too long. Om nom nom! Then I mostly just hung out on the couch napping and trying to catch up on Tivo.

I don't think I mentioned here on LJ that I'd lost weight. It was a doctors visit back in August or so I found that I weighed about 18 pounds less than the last time I'd been weighed. I'm not sure when that was, but it would have been last winter. Of course, this weight loss w/o trying was mainly due to my depression running rampant. But, since it was already starting, I started thinking a little bit more about what I was eating, and trimmed my portion sizes a little. Also, I've now had this adorable little poochie who needs walks for almost a month now too.

Anyway, as of this morning I'm at 26 pounds! The first 18 was depression, but the last 8 was actually me!

I'm really loving going for walks with Yuki. As they've started to get longer when I have the time for it (i.e. not the morning walks!) I've started looking for good route tracking software for the iPhone or computer. Walking 1 mile isn't really as hard or as far as I'd thought it was. I measured some of our regular walks and most of them are over .5 miles, and we've even done a couple 1.5 mile ones this week.

Speaking of the dog. We now officially have the option to keep him if we want. We haven't decided yet. Some of the major pros are that he is an awesome sweet dog, he's (mostly) well behaved, he's not aggressive at all, he's adorable, he's just the right size. Some of the major cons are that it's a ton of responsibility that we hadn't been planning to take on, we don't have a fenced yard so he always has to be walked, and Lump HATES him. We decided that since the decision doesn't have to be made right away we aren't even going to start trying to decide until after OmegaCon next weekend. If we OMG MISS HIM on a weekend away that pretty much decides it one way, where as if we are relieved to have a weekend away from the responsibility of him it tips the decision the other way. We'll see. I'm kind of attached to the little guy. :)

Anyway, that's another weekend down. Next weekend we'll be up in Siren, WI for a relaxing weekend of socializing, hot-tubbing, playing games & drinking. Yay OmegaCon!
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