HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Had my first class last night. My first impression of the teacher is that I like him, which is good since he's also teaching my other class on Saturday.

MCTC has a parking garage, and there are two lanes to go in. I have decided that they need to designate one lane for people who buy parking cards, because they save you 25% of the parking cost, and you just swipe it on the way in, and one lane for everyone else. And by everyone else I mean the people who have a handfull of crumpled ones that the machine won't take, or only have a $20 and make the attendent dude run from the office out to their car to get it and then run all the way to the office to get change, or who don't even know if they have the $3 and start rummaging for it after pulling in. And of course these people are all doing this within minutes of when night classes are supposed to start.

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