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Snowmageddon = wine + porketta!

OK, I'm going to assume that all of you out there in LJ land have heard by now that we had a wee bit o' snow here in Minnesota. Yup, OMG, It's the snowmageddon! The snowpocalypse! LOL
Yeah, it's actually kind of cool, because it happened on a weekend so we don't really have to worry about getting anywhere.
Once I realized that we were just not going anywhere and all our plans were cancelled I suggested that Rick should put a porketta in the crockpot. Yum! And I had two bottles of dad's homemade cranberrry wine. Keyword there being "had." LOL
Rex still likes the snow, but isn't quite as enamored now that it is deeper than him and he has to work a lot more to bounce through it. On tonight's walk we headed toward Medicine Lake Rd and saw that if we could manage to make it that far we'd be set. Our road may not be plowed yet, but we're only a block away from plowed roads.
Unfortunately we also had some bad news on this snowy day. Our neighbor Pete had some back surgery earlier this week, and there must have been some complications, or he was just sent home too early, as he just didn't wake up today. He was a good neighbor and just a really good guy. Always with a smile & an offer of a beer. The first time we met him was the day we buried our beloved Cougar cat in the back yard and we never did tell him what the "gardening" we were working on was when he saw us in the back yard and invited us over.
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