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I hope you all had a fabulous new year!
hellbob & I went to a couple parties. The last one was pretty much over when we got there, but it was at our neighbor's house. Their lights were still on when we'd gotten home so we called to see if the party was still going on & only one couple was left but they ordered us to come over with our dog because they hadn't met him yet. Rex, charmer that he is, was sufficiently adored by Glen & Carol. Advice: never let a drunk guy who has access to trumpets & fluglehorns know that your dog doesn't like being around trumpet playing. Poor Rex. He certainly didn't appreciate Steve's fluglehorn skillz.

We had houseguests for about a week (late Tues the 28th thru morning Mon the 3rd). It was our old roommate from Fargo, Becca, and her nephew Thatcher. I have to say, for an 11-year-old kid, Thatcher really wasn't any trouble at all! I expected to get annoyed by having a kid around but he was pretty awesome. He's smart & funny & just a darn good kid.

Rex had his first visit with our vet last night. It turns out that she's lived with a Shiba Inu before because she used to have a roommate who had one. After checking him over she declared him to be pretty much perfect. She was particularly impressed that he didn't have any issues with her touching his feet. I guess lots of Shiba's just don't want their feet touched. From reading a Shiba forum, we'd been cuddling him on his back and playing with his feet when he'd get out of control. He's also got a microchip now, so if he ever does get out they'll be able to get him back to us. Rex managed to charm every woman in that vet office and got at least half a dozen treats in the short time he was there! For reference, because I'll forget eventually, he weighed just a few ounces shy of 30 pounds.

Busy couple weeks coming up.
Tomorrow I'm going to see a free screening of Green Hornet (sponsored by AICN). I think I'll take Rick as my +1.
Next Monday is the For Love of Annie Benefit: A Special Evening of Music & Friends. It is a fundraiser for a fabulous woman and fabulous photographer named Ann Marsden who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last summer. Ann's one of our customers at West and she's just a really wonderful person.
Friday the 14th is the Christian Kane show!!!!!!
And Saturday the 22nd Sunspot will be here in town at the Nomad. Sunspot is freaking awesome and ALL OF YOU should go! Facebook event info HERE.

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