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Today's email conversation...

...with the fat pregnant genevra:

her: Had an OB appt this morning, and she decided to do a quick ultrasound to make sure it's just one baby. (guess I'm a little big... hehe) It's just one, so I got to say "told you so" to mom! And I saw the face! Sooo cool, even though it looks alien-like.

me: Did you have the doc check to confirm that she's a girl too?

her: Nope. She doesn't do many ultrasounds after the 1st trimester. She said she's no good at telling gender. We'll get that at the upcoming one (earlyFeb).
But when I saw her, I thought "there she is!"

me: That's cuz she's a girl. (Or possibly a gay boy...)

her: I know she is. EVERYONE says so too.

me: It doesn't matter what EVERYONE says, because if they said it was a boy they'd be wrong. (Except, of course, if it is the gay boy option)

her: You do come up with the most creative ideas for my baby.... puppies, alien, gay boy.... Jason keeps saying not to get my hopes up about it being a girl. Silly boy! It's not hope, it's knowing.

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