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Middle American Saturday Night

The Christian Kane concert tonight was just awesome! He's so pretty. And so talented. I'd like to keep him for my very own, k? Thanks!
I've got lots of pictures which I will probably get up fairly soon. I ended up not being able to use the 70-300 2.8 I borrowed from West for more than just a few shots because mgmt came up and told me I wasn't allowed to use that lens. *pout* I told them that the bar management had told me there were no restrictions but they said it was a band rule, not the bar.
Most everyone who was planning to go ended up not going, but vanaabegra showed up. And right at the very end my friend Melissa (@melissagerman on Twitter) came out. We went back and found a booth and just sat talking for a while. I really need to hang out with Melissa more since she's pretty cool. She's the girl I met for the first time when I picked her up to take her to the airport when we were both on the same flight to Florida for the Shuttle launch/tweeetup.
After the music was done I managed to snag one of the set lists! w00t! Didn't get to meet him, and neither did Moose but we had fun anyway.
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