HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,


Well, I now know that getting an MRI is oddly soothing at you lay there in the loud noise not moving.
Unfortunately, on a related note, I also now know that I have a cyst in my leg. :(
My leg was hurting Friday night and I thought it was just a sore muscle. But Rick massaging it didn't help, and it didn't get any better on it's own. So today I decided that I had to go to urgent care and after the xray showed nothing they sent me over to Methodist for an MRI.
There's a cyst in my left leg about 6" below the knee and off to the side. Tomorrow I go see a specialist and find out if they'll just drain it somehow or if I get to have surgery. Yay. Either way it's gotta go because it's right by a nerve. Fun.

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