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Less than 2 days until surgery. The pain from the cyst hasn't really been bad since the temp outside rose above zero, but the numbness sucks and the random tingling (think foot waking up after falling asleep) is beyond annoying & frustrating. Today I brought my slippers to work because when the tingling is really bad wearing shoes makes it unbearably uncomfortable.

Breaking news: It's February in Minnesota and it snowed again! Another Snowpocalypse. Meh. I snowblowed the driveway a couple times yesterday so I didn't have any problem getting out this morning. We probably ended up with a total of about 15-20 inches total here at our house.

The Dogasaurus Rex still thinks that deep fluffy new snow is The Best Thing Evah!

Rex was supposed to start his first obedience class yesterday, but it was cancelled because of the weather. My puppy had a snow day!

I've got passes to go see a preview of Hall Pass tomorrow. I'm not expecting it to be awesome, but free movies are always awesome! Well, ok, almost always awesome. There have been some where I felt like I still paid too much.

An unplanned bonus of my surgery being this Wednesday instead of next is that I will be at home recovering on the couch on Thursday the 24th. Discovery is set to launch at 11:30 am EST on the 24th. I'll be able to go online & watch her launch! Yay! http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewpr.rss.spacewire.html?pid=32813
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