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There was a serious 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand today. It was about 7.5 hours ago at this point and they are still suffering from aftershocks. There have been over 20 aftershocks already and they've almost all been at least 4.0.

You can get updated information HERE.

If you want to donate to the New Zealand Red Cross, click HERE.

There's a Google Person Finder site set up to help people find their friends and loved ones HERE.

The images I've been seeing of the destruction are heartbreaking. There have been 65 deaths reported so far. My thoughts are with all my NZ & Antarctica peeps who are still waiting to hear from friends & loved ones. *hug*

Shortly before I heard about the quake I got an email from Hera Hjartardottir with a link to buy her new song, Rattle My Bones.
The song is about a relationship, not an earthquake, but the lyrics were eerily prophetic:
Where can I go..
I have been broken
You can’t just come back and make it alright
Because the pieces don’t fit, anymore
How will it feel
To see your face
Back in the place
Where I feel safe
Yes I thought you were
Forever removed from my life
You’re breaking me, shaking me

Hera's Icelandic, but lives in Christchurch, NZ. Thankfully, via Twitter, I know she's unhurt, as is her family, and musician Jason Webley who was with her when the quake hit. Please everyone, keep New Zealand in your thoughts today, and help if you can.
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