HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Oscar night!

OK, settled down on the couch with my gimp leg propped up, lucky13charm here, and our laptops online and ready to watch the Oscars and let the snark begin!

~Holy Tweets, Batman. It's something like 3300 #oscars tweets per minute.

~Very pretty blue dress on Amy Adams.
~LOL. I adore Russell Brand. So funny.

~Melissa Leo's dress is fugly! It's like a doily on top of aluminum foil. Or like an Elvis jumpsuit and a tablecloth mated and had a really ugly child!

~Not a fan of Scarlett Johansson's hairdo. The color of her dress is gorgeous though.

~Helena Bonham Carter looks so much more normal than usual.

~Helen Mirran, so pretty & classy looking.

~Robert Downey Jr. is so darn handsome and charming. Hard to believe that 10 years ago we were sure he'd be dead from drugs by now.

~I do so love the Oscars opening skits!

~Can I have Morgan Freeman narrate all my dreams too?

~James Franco's eyes look a little red & droopy. Allergies, right?

~My hubby while watching Justin Timberlake present, and right after we'd discussede how stoned James Franco's been looking: "What? Do they just have a giant bong backstage?"

~Just figured out why James Franco is so stoned. It's because he knew what outfit they'd picked out for him.

~Oh how I still adore Ben Affleck. And Jeremy Renner is kind of adorable too.

~The kitten commercial just killed me with cuteness.




~I am choosing to believe that Melissa Leo & Kirk Douglas really will do it later. #oscars

~Wow, they're right, EVERYONE is wearing a red dress tonight. #oscars

~It's the part where they explain how we got sound in movies. Quick use the bathroom. #Oscars

Tags: movies, oscars

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