HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Back with the old girlfriend

I got Bad Wolf bundled up and sent off on Monday for the new graphics card. It's easier using the old laptop than I expected it to be, but I still miss my baby. :( Even though the class action site says it could take 4-6 weeks I'm really hoping that's just a worst case scenario and he'll be on his way back next week. It could happen, right?

I had my post-surgery appointment today and was given a clean bill of health, no restrictions. Yay! I can has working leg! The doctor is pretty sure he got the whole cyst out, and even though it had been on the nerve I maintained full range of motion and mobility in my leg. I've currently got one patch on my leg that is still numb. The top of my foot was kind of numb after the surgery, but now there's pain. It doesn't hurt when it's just sitting there, but if I run my finger lightly down it, it feels like I'm being scratched. The doc said this is actually a good thing because it means that it is the nerve coming back. Let's hope this part goes quick! As for the incision itself, there's no pain there. :)

My dog is still awesome. Rex started his obedience classes two weekends ago and he's doing pretty good. Sometimes he's just too smart though so he tries to anticipate what we're going to have him do. Rex isn't just smart, he's also well informed. We leave a radio on for him during the day and it's tuned to NPR so he actually listens to more NPR on a daily basis than Rick & I combined. Naturally, there was only one thing we could do. This year's donation to the pledge drive went in his name. I've now got an MPR membership card that says Dogasaurus Rex Snyder on it!
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