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Yup, still awake.

I'm still LOVE LOVE LOVING my Nook eReader. I hadn't been reading as much the last few years when I stopped going to the library regularly. Then I got Kindle & Nook apps on my iPhone and started reading a little more before bed. But now, I'm just chewing through books!

A big part of this is the fact that I can check out books from the Hennepin County Library to read on the Nook. And they keep adding more and more books! Last time I raved about the awesomeness of HCL about 1.5 months ago they were up to 5500 ebooks. Now they have almost 8300! Heck, I've got over 600 tagged in my Wish List so whenever I finish what I'm reading I can always find something new that's available.

I was thinking about doing a 50 books challenge this year to read more, but I don't think I need too. Because I can easily keep a record of what I've read, I know that I've already read 31 books this year. Since that means I'm averaging over 10 per month, that means I'll probably have over 120 for the year. Heck, I've got 4 days that I'll be in a minivan in May. That alone will probably be a dozen books... (Don't worry, I don't expect that I'll be stuck with much of the driving. Reading + Driving = Bad Idea!)

Also, my Nook will be very pretty soon. I've uploaded this image to Decal Girl to use for a skin for it.
I also uploaded images/skin templates for my iPhone and my laptop. I really love the quality of Decal Girl's stuff, but their prices don't allow for me to use them for resale. What I really need to do is just apply to their artist program and hope they like my stuff. When I get the skins and make everything pretty I'll take pictures.

And now, it's bedtime. I've got a book or two to read that are just calling my name!
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