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It's not as bad as I thought it would be

Tomorrow morning will be 2 weeks since I sent off Bad Wolf to Texas for the NVIDIA Settlement repair. I've been surviving surprisingly well with Chiana. Of course, the biggest issue with her that was a big catalyst to getting Bad Wolf was that her wireless stopped working. Wasn't the airport card either, as I tried a new one, so it's something in her innards for the wireless. The lack of wi-fi isn't so bad this time, because we finally got a router put in the living room to put the PlayStation 3 & the TiVo online, so I can use an ethernet cable to just plug her in.

I think tomorrow I will call the claims office to see how much longer it will be. The website FAQ had said:
9. How can I track the status of my repair/replacement?
To track the status of your repair/replacement, you can call the telephone support line at 1-877-440-7557 for an update. Remember that repairs to Apple and Dell computers may take up to 4 to 6 weeks, so please be patient.
So when I sent her in I was under the assumption that 6 weeks is worst case scenario, but it should be less than 4. After all, it says may take up to 4 to 6 weeks, not will take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

But last night, I googled for NVIDIA settlement repair average timetable and I hit this little gem in the apple forums.
I just received shocking news regarding the repair that is a result of the NVIDIA GPU Litigation settlement (www.nvidiasettlement.com). There is no guarantee of the timeframe for the repair, and the standard answer from the Claims Administrator is 8-10 weeks.
I sent my MacBook Pro away believing that a reasonable timeframe for the repair, including ship time, would be 7-10 days total. This was an assumption on my part, based on repair experience I've had with companies like Apple. Given that there was no mention of the repair turnaround time, I've been burned by my assumption.
I have asked for my MBP to be returned to me as soon as possible without the completed repair, and was told that the Claims Administrator (located in Massachusetts) has no method of contact or repair status tracking because the repair is being carried out at the CTS Depot in Houston, TX (4949 Windfern Lane). This has become the ultimate disaster.
I am now awaiting additional information from the Claims Administrator, and I have left voicemail with CTS Depot's general business phone number in Houston.
Has anyone else sent their computer to CTS Depot for repair? If so, what was the total turnaround time for the repair?

And his followup the next day said:
I received a phonecall from the Claims Administrator last night. There was a substantial miscommunication among their offices and personnel. I will have my MBP back within 8-10 days--sometime next week. The apology was sincere.

So it sounds like I should call, and if I am quoted anything crazy long I can try the same route as him to get it expedited.

I really did expect to have more problems getting stuff done on this older machine than I have had. Most embedded video (You Tube, Vimeo, etc.) suck ass on it though. Super slow & jerky. Something on here needs to be updated!
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