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Sucky week

I was going to catch up on reading LJ, and my usual blogs, then do a quick update on my poor neglected LJ here. And somehow it's 1:30 am already. Hmph. So, super condensed update, and I promise to do real posts this weekend.

Last week hellbob was in Texas for work.
I missed him a lot.
I spent a lot of quality time with the Dogasaurus Rex.
We saw Source Code on Saturday w/Romeo & Shaya.
We all loved it.
Rex had his last class Sunday.
Rex is officially an obedience 1 graduate.
Monday my car died.
Tuesday we found out it was the timing chain.
$3000 to fix it.
Tuesday night we got calls from Rick's sister.
His grandma wasn't doing well and we started making plans to go up on Friday to see her.
We got a call at 2am that she was gone.
Weekend was good.
Monday on sucked big time.

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