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I hate balancing my checkbook!
But, on a positive note, my new computer has my Quicken transferred to it now. It sucks a lot having to enter over a months worth of checks & charges when you are used to doing it every 2 weeks or so. Too bad just typing a deposit into Quicken doesn't really give you the money. *sigh*
I hate Fargo. The town, not the movie.
But today I thought of three very positive things about spending the weekend in Fargo, besides the lovely blue Virginia Hey:
1. Pizza Patrol
2. off-sale til 1am
3. combining these two things

I miss Pizza Patrol for 2 reasons. 1- it was very yummy & cheap pizza. 2 - they are open 24 hours! We were spoiled. I got down here to the cities & discovered that it's tough to find pizza after 11, let alone all night. I'm just hoping not to have the "that's not as good as I remembered" syndrome.

For those of you who may be from a strange non-Minnesota land, off-sale is a liquor store. Off sale means you take it off the premises to drink it. On sale is a bar. Don't ask me where these terms come from. Fargo even has drive through liquor stores. Isn't that a brilliant idea?!?
I lived in Fargo when I turned 21. In ND you can get off sale until 1am, which is also what time the bars close. So if you are drinking & don't want to stop you just have to leave at lasst call & rush to the liquor store. Or, if you're drinking in Fargo, you can probably just buy something to go at the bar you're at. We usually drank in Moorhead just on the other side of the river. This required a little more planning. Someone had to head out at 12:30 or so to get across the river & buy the booze. Minnesota has the same last call as ND, but you can only get off sale until 10 pm. If you run out of beer at 11:00 on a Saturday night you won't get any more until Monday. HellBob & I are still trying to get used to that. It's just not right.

My brain is starting to get fuzzy. Maybe I should think about getting to bed soon.

I've been cutting back on caffeine. I only have one caribou or one mello yello in the morning. In the next week or two the caribou will be turning into decaf & the mello yello into sprite. I have decided that caffeine is an evil drug. It has less effect than Ritalin. It is much much more addictive. It has withdrawal symptoms. And once you are hooked on it, it gives you no benefit, it just keeps you from suffering the withdrawal symptoms. I can't believe this drug is legal & unregulated. It should be as hard to get as Ritalin. Except the little bit you get in chocolate, of course. Chocolate doesn't count. It's a vegetable.
In just cutting back I have already noticed that I have more energy. When I was consuming a steady intake of caffeine I was practically falling asleep at my desk!

For those who haven't heard yet, we are having our official End of the Summer BBQ. It will be here at the HellHouse on Oct 12th. Start time is 6pm. We have a fire pit that we will be lighting up sometime after dark. Human sacrifices start at about 10 pm. Oh, wait, human sacrifices are bad, aren't they? I guess we will just have to have alcohol sacrifices. I will personally be responsible for sacrificing several bottles of raspberry apple cider. And I'm also going to try to get my hands on some of my dad's 400 proof wine. Mmmm, really strong homemade wine. Y'all know where we live & if you don't just email me. Official decrees will hopefully be mailed out soon.

Brain turn off now.

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