HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

There was some good stuff in April too...

April 3 ~ Our Dogasaurus finished his obedience classes. He's officially an Obedience 1 graduate now!

April 15 ~ There was another fabulous MPR Wits performance. This one was Chuck Klosterman. We got to hang out and chat with awesome people like the Corbetts & the Scrimshaws.

April 22 ~ We saw Duran Duran perform at Epic. Epic is a pretty sucky venue for concerts because you can't even see the stage from most of it, and to see the stage you have to be jammed into the middle of the crowd like we were. And I'm too old and I was still too damn sore from the accident to be standing in a crowd of people for 4 hours. But the band still sounds and looks AMAZING.

April 23 ~ I went to Minicon on Saturday because the always entertaining John Scalzi was the Guest of Honor. He read from an "untitled, to be released in 2012 so don't say anything about it" book. I plan to buy the mystery book when it's published because the chapter he read was just that good. Mr. Scalzi also did a very entertaining slideshow presentation of his visit to the Creation Museum.

April 25 ~ Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm had a show at the Guthrie. It had been far too long since JoCo had made it to Minneapolis. I didn't work merch this time either (although Rick got recruited) so I was able to talk to lots of people.

April 30 ~ We went to the opening night of Joking Envelope's Sexy Librarian: File Under Rock Musical. It was hilarious! If you're here in the Cities you should definitely go see it this month!

May 3 ~ We went to a free preview of Thor for Rick's birthday. It was Rick, me, Tom, Lisa, Romeo & Shaya. It was a pretty fun movie.

We've got more awesomeness coming our way this month. We'll be seeing comedienne extraordinaire Maria Bamford at Acme on May 12th. Buy tickets! Join us!

We'll be in Florida for a week. We're not sure yet if that will be awesome or if it will be torture. We're driving down. In a minivan. With genevra, akdar and the Monkeys. Did I mention that it's a 2 day drive down? And a 2 day drive back? And the Monkeys are just shy of 7 years old? Yeah, it will probably be a fun trip but the potential for torture is definitely there.

We're also going to see Kyle Kinane at Acme on May 26 May 24. Buy tickets! Join us! The Tuesday, May 24 show is this month's Party Like It's 1999 show where you can get a dinner & show combo for just $19.99.

And this week will be ending on an awesome note also. The Chris Hardwick show at the Varsity is on Friday! Yay! And there's a small group of us having dinner with Chris before the show. Yay!

So, lets just hope for more awesome this month, and much much less of last months suckitude!

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