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It's all reruns tonight! Grr. I missed last weeks CSI so I was really looking forward to getting to see it tonight. Rerun. Dammit!

I was watching Alan Alda's Scientific American Frontiers and they had a thing where they had a scenario set up with a model train and little people and one of them was supposed to represent Alan. So what did they use? Oh yeah! M*A*S*H Hawkeye Pierce action figure! If I'd been drinking I would have snarfed all over Chiana's keyboard.

Teacher really really liked my serif G project last night! Yay! During critique it a lot of peoples favorites and no one had anything bad to say about it!

-9 degrees this morning. Brrr.

Can anyone who is smarter than me about such things (this would be you, minervacat) tell me if it is possible to download an mp3 from the web if when you go to it it starts playing rather than being just a file. Also, I'm on a mac, so no windows people are allowed to say "just right click".

Memorial Blood Center has DVD players now and will have internet connections soon to keep you entertained while donating platelets. The people who use the internet at home for cybersex will have a definite advantage though, because they have more practice typing one handed.

You must go to this article from today's STrib: Yup, that's a monkey riding a dog. So cool! And I stole the link from notmonochrome. Hey, manda, here is my contribution to the monkey cowboy icon collection:

I think I need to go see the ice palace. But it is COLD! And I am busy. But I should find time to try anyway.

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