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Well, I done connected my Twitter back up to my Facebook. Now anything I tweet that's not an @reply will also go to my Facebook.
I started with good intentions of cross-posting to both with the Facebook posts translated from Twitter to English. But, my iPhone is only a 3G so it kind of sucks. I got tired of switching between the apps. So everything went to either one location or the other, not both. I feel that you, my adoring public, suffered the most from this because if you don't follow me in both places you were missing out on most of my awesomeness because it would only be in one place at a time. So really, linking them back together was for you all. You're welcome. :-)
If you can't find me on Facebook, just ask and i will tell you my real name (or at least as real as it gets on Facebook. The whole legal name isn't on there!) and if you can't find me on Twitter, well you really just haven't looked, have you?
Highlander and HellZiggy: There can be only one!!!!!!!!!!!
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