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Weekends are too short

It was another lovely weekend.

We started out Friday evening with the final show in this season's MPR Wits Series. The guests were Neil Gaiman and Josh Ritter. Here is a link to the livestream they filmed.
Because Mr. Gaiman is awesome, this show was sold out, and because it was general admission, people were lining up early to get in. Since they do a Tweetup in the lobby before the show this kind of sucked. It was super crowded, and when the inner doors for the theater opened, people didn't respect the fact that there were lines. Still, we got seats in about the 5th row or so.
I got to see my two favorite white dogs that aren't Rex! Since Neil was in the middle of a book tour and wouldn't actually be going to his house while in town his assistant, the Fabulous Lorraine, brought his daughter and his two white German Shepherds when she picked him up at the airport, and the dogs were subsequently invited to the theater for the night.

Here is Moose posing for photos. In the first one, Moose is on the lovely Lola, and Cabal is looking on from the right side. Sharon (Birdchick) Stiteler is photo-bombing Moose.
Still Life with White Dogs

In the second picture, Moose decided to spend a little quality time with Cabal, just hanging out.
Still Life with Moose & White Dog

It was a fun night. Too bad the season's over. :-(
I still think I should be allowed to bring Rex to the Wits events. He is actually a Minnesota Public Radio member, after all!

Saturday was the annual pool party for akdar's birthday. Alas, there was much rain and not much sunshine. All the kids swam anyway, but I did not. There was some Killer Bunnies played and much food eaten and we had fun even with the icky weather.

Today Rick & I started out by heading down to the Mandarin Kitchen to check out their Dim Sum since learning that Jun-Bo has closed. We were very happy with the food, and it seemed to be comparable to Jun-Bo in price. Then Sunday afternoon we headed on out to Stillwater to Rick's sister's house where his dad, stepmom & stepsister were also going to be. We had a lovely afternoon with the family. I just wish they were closer than Stillwater because we don't make the long drive out there as often as we would all like.

And, as is standard for me, it's way too late and I should really be sleeping!

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