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Still not dead. Still not the king.

Yes, it's another of those "OMG, I haven't posted in forever!" posts. Argh. I must get better at it because I do miss the real connections you got with people on LJ.

OK, so now I suppose I have to update on the last 2 months or so of my life, eh?

~ My dog is still awesome & adorable.

~ The Vikings SUCK this year.

~ Moose went traveling without me. He went to Austin, TX, then Sweden, then England, then Austin, TX, then Los Angeles, CA then back to Austin again and then home to me. While off adventuring he went to the Fright Fest film festival, FantasticFest film festival and BlizzCon.

~ Me & Rick applied to go to Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Austin for the first time this year.

~ We got in!!!

~ OmegaCon was fun & relaxing. Rex also had a fabulous weekend staying at Adogo.

~ I completed a John Hodgman hat trick by seeing him for the 3rd time at the Fitzgerald & getting one of his books signed each time.

~ Sunspot came to town again! They're always awesome!

~ Still don't have an iPhone 4s. I'm using Rick's old 3G because mine got run over by Rick's Cadillac. iPhone vs Caddy, Caddy wins.

~ I saw a picture of a light saber battle at the ceremonial South Pole. Yes, it was as awesome as you think.

~ Me, Rick, Romeo & Shaya all flew down to Austin after work on Dec 8th and stayed through the 13th. We got to stay with the super awesome Neil & Rae, and we sat through 24 hours straight of movies Sat-Sun, and we at a lot of yummy Tex-Mex & got yummy BBQ once, and fell in love with Austin.

~ Now I am in Xmas hell. The longer people put off ordering their christmas pictures, the faster they want them.

So, that's the last 2 months of my life....



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