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And monkeys! Since that seems to be the theme of the day...

This link to the Tacky Postcard Archive is shamelessly stolen from minervacat because it's so cool. (You need to go check it out, mcbarnes1970!).
So I was browsing through it, thinking that it would be cool to have any or all of these postcards for my collection, when I stumbled upon this one:

After the initial reaction of "Monkey!" (and yes, I know, a Chimp is not a monkey...) I took a closer look and went "Hey, that looks familiar..." Go to stack of postcards recently acquired from Aunt Betty's estate and sure enough, there was the "Star of the Show at Miami's Monkey Jungle"
Hee! I have a postcard that is officially Tacky!!

And now it is time to go to bed! (Actually it was time a while ago but the internet always sucks you into an alternate space/time continuum)

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