HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,


First the good news, then the bitching about mom.

Dad was discharged yesterday evening. He had low potassium, and the stress test showed that there may be "something" in one of his arteries. He's getting a full physical on Friday & they're doing more heart tests next week sometime. The fact that they didn't think they needed to immediately do the tests makes me a lot less worried about the tests.

And then there's mom...

She says she'll let us know if there is ever any serious health issue with dad & we shouldn't worry so much.

What? Going to the ER with heart pains & getting admitted for observation isn't serious?!?!?

And when I told her that I felt that qualified as serious she got all sarcastic & asked if I would like a phone call every time he got a hangnail. Well, if that's the only way to find out about things like heart pains in the ER & she can't tell the difference in seriousness between those two things then yes, call me when he gets a hangnail.

Also, when I was worried about dad on Monday night I should really also have taken into consideration how bad it was for mom. After all, dad got pushed around in a wheel chair & mom had to walk everywhere. Grrrr. You're at a hospital. If you can't walk, they can help you! You know that your hip is in such bad shape that you're planning to have hip replacement, maybe take your cane with you when you leave the house? Also, just a guess here, but was MOST of your walking going out to the parking lot because there's a no smoking perimeter because it's a freaking hospital?!?!?

Sorry mom, but I only have so much energy for worrying and I'm going to focus it on the one who needs it. You didn't need to be there by yourself, it was your choice.

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