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Blue chicks are cool!

HellBob & I just got back from Fargo a couple hours ago & we had a blast! Virginia Hey is not only beautiful but is a wonderful, sweet, funny woman. HellBob & I will have to get our convention report for the Cthulhu Coffee site up as soon as possible while we still remember everything (except the parts that HB has lost to Klingon Blood Wine...)
If you are wondering who the heck Virginia Hey is, she is the woman who played Pa'u Zothoh Zhaan on the tv show Farscape. Her character was blue & bald. She was also one of the guests of honor at the ValleyCon convention that we were at this last weekend.
If you were a teenage boy when Road Warrior came out, you most likely remember a character who didn't have a real big part - Warrior Woman. I guess she had a crossbow & wore a headband... It was fun watching HB & our friend Tom actually meet a woman that they had adolescent fantasies about! We chatted with her several times over the weekend & also sat at her table for dinner on Saturday. *big grin*
The artist GOH was a fellow named Dave Devries who has done a lot of comic book art, mainly covers since painting is his medium of choice. He was also a very nice guy. We did the party crawl with him Saturday night.
The writer GOH was Kevin J Anderson who has written some Star Wars stuff (which I haven't read) and is writing all the new Dune books with Frank Herberts son. I've been reading the Dune stuff & I really like it! I did get a chance to chat with him briefly, and like the others, he was also very nice. He had free copies of a short story that leads into his new book that were done up by his publisher as a free promo & he very generously autographed a pile of them for me to bring back to give out at Waldenbooks. I didn't even ask him to.
Having been to ValleyCons years ago we weren't expecting much, but were completely blown away by how much fun we had. A big part of it was due to the wonderful guests. Virginia is just about one of the sweetest women you will ever meet!
I will let y'all know when the report is done & up on the w
eb page. You'll just have to wait until then for details!
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