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This, that, and the other thing

Ron Jeremy has a Masters Degree in Special Ed. This amuses me a lot.

I have a Lumpy girl sleeping on my lap right now. This is a very good thing.

I will be going to see the Ice Palace tomorrow with hellbob, genevra, and syrkul. It will be cold.

I think this is pretty darn cool, and the full article that the dude pulled the quote from is here

This is also pretty darn cool. I think I might need to take some pictures for this at the ice palace tomorrow!

And yes, for those of you who read the officialgaiman journal, that is where I ganked those links from! And if you are not reading it, you are wrong and you should be. :)

Damn. The internet has sucked me into that space/time warp again and it is way past my bedtime!!

Must plug in digital camera and cell phone to charge, and off to bed I go.

Good night!!

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