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Two hours

that is how long it took me to drive to work this morning. Grr.
So, theoretically, I should have stayed until 5:15 to make up the missed time. I didn't feel like it because I knew the roads would still be crap driving home.
I stopped at Michaels and picked up some picture frames. I will be stealing some of genevra's table space at Mars Con in a month to see if I can sell any of my photographs.
I also ran into CompUSA to pick up this year's Turbo Tax, with the plan to also purchase Quicken for the Mac instead of PC to transfer checking stuff to Chiana. They want $70 for the mac version! Two words: Bite me! The dude first tried saying that the PC version costs that much too, and I was like "No. It is $30 for the basic and if you buy it and Turbo Tax you get a $30 rebate, so it is free" So that's what I did. I figure as long as they have all that rebate-y goodness I may as well update the PC version. So I think I will do the taxes tomorrow to see how many millions we will be getting back. Must remember to write off the purchase price of last year's TurboTax. Also, I need to remember to write off 175 miles, because if you donate blood, platelets, etc you can't write off the value of the blood but you can write off your mileage. I keep forgetting to ask my Dad if he donates blood, cuz I know his blood type is AB. I don't know if it is + or - though because his dogtags that i have just give the letters. Either way he really should be going in because only 3% of the population have AB+ and 1% have AB-.

I keep thinking of icons I need, and then I never get around to making them, so just some random notes to help me remember:
Buffy, Angel, Spike, etc. Must do lots of DVD screen capture goodness!
Uncle Kracker.

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