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"See that dent in the hood of your car?"

Our pretty new car is squished!
HellBob was driving to the park & ride this morning. It's 8 blocks away. 8! and he gets in an accident. he was turning left & a van pulled out from behind a different one & ran right into him. He's not hurt, but the Saturn is.
rear fender & the bumper are toast & probably damage to the trunk as well. Cop said it would have been HB's fault because he was turning into traffic, but the guy was nice enough to turn it into his fault by making it a hit & run (after HB got his plate number!) So now the cops & insurance company can try to sort it all out.
The car is already at the shop. Even though we don't have rental coverage in our insurance, our friend who works there is the son of one of the big guys, so he borrowed one of the used cars for us to drive. He said he couldn't get us one of the nice ones because they didn't have plates, so we had to settle for a 2000 Buick LeSabre. I'm pretty sure I can live with that. :)
And this is after such a lovely weekend.
Now I have to nap, because I took the day off work to sleep in....... I didn't think to request it off at Waldenbooks so I have to go work there at 5:30.
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