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Nobody takes a picture of something they want to forget.

I had a whole day where I didn't have to go anywhere!
I finally got in some darkroom time! It's been over a month since I've had a large enough chunk of time to spend in there! I got some decent shots at the Como Zoo, and I finally made contact sheets for all my negatives.
We got our car back from the shop on Friday. After the boats Jey had gotten us to drive, our Saturn seems so small. It's nice to be back in my own car though.
Our BBQ last weekend was a roaring success. We probably had 50 people or so over the course of the evening. The Foleys showed up early & brought Luna with them. We started the fire at about 9 pm or so and had people here until after 3 am. The Foley kids were crashed out on the living room floor & so was Luna so Tom & Lisa decided that they would just stay. Mark had an attack of Markolepsy in the recliner. And a couple of Mel's friends were crashing downstairs.
Since Rick, Tom & Lisa showed no signs of going to bed anytime soon I scooped up Luna & brought her in to sleep with me. Charlie Brown said it best: Happiness is a warm puppy! Rick kicked her out when he came to bed though. :(
Tomorrow, we have lunch at Rick's sister's house to see his dad & stepmom before they leave this cold world for Arizona.
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