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Last post tonight, I promise...

For my typography class we have to do a poster of a political figure, past or present, and use a bunch of phrases to describe them, using different typefaces so that it is in the style of an old-fashioned poster.
I don't want to do someone boring, so I'm going with our ex-gov Jesse. So, if y'all could comment with some short phrases (1-5 words would be best) it would really help me with the brainstorming part. Also, this is a school assignment, so no obscenities! :) (Although, knowing my teacher's opinion of George W, I could probably swear if I did a poster of him...)

So anyway, here are a couple of the ones I already have:

"Ain't got time to bleed"
The Body
The Mind

And now we have come to the part of the night where we sleep!

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