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Once again the computer eats my brain...

I was a good girl and did my homework before even looking at Live Journal. I even started Saturday's homework since I was done with the stuff due tomorrow. And then I decided it was time to go to sleep. "I'll just take a quick read before going to bed..." That was 1/2 hour ago. Apparently I am less trainable than a monkey.
But besides my homework I also reminded hellbob to get the VCR hooked up to the Giganto TV, so i could tape the Cordelia episode of Angel. I will be taking it to school tomorrow to give to Tom, who is in my typography class. He had a VCR failure and missed it completely!! Poor boy. In return, he will be loaning me his tapes of Season 4 so I can see how Angel got off the ocean floor, where Cordy flew off too, how Connor died, why no one remembers him, What happened with the whole Wesley sleeping w/Lilah and not being a part of the gang thing, and how he got back with them, and how Cordy ended up in a coma, and why Fred & Gunn aren't doin' it any more, and so many other things that all happened in S4.... Yay!
Also, part of the hooking up the vcr thing involved an s-video cable or something, so now our tv picture is way sharper! We thought the fuzzier than dvd's thing that was going on was just cuz we don't have an HDTV dish. Nope. Apparently it was just a crappy cable. So now TV is Giganto and sharp!
Throat is feeling a little scratchy... must be sympathy pains for minervacat and notmonochrome. You guys really shouldn't be passing your ailments through the computer....

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