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My yahoo spam blocker has apparently lost some of it's efficiency, because refinance your house emails are getting through. Only 2 or 3 a day though. Most of them still route to the bulk mailbox.
It could be worse I suppose. I haven't been getting any offers to enlarge my penis lately. Maybe the Spammers have figured out that since I own a house and I don't have a penis, I am more likely to refinance than to enlarge...

On the "I'm about to die" front, I am currently feeling much better. My throat hardly hurts at all, and the caffeine headache from hell has been Diet Mtn Dewed away. Of course all my power napping today has me sitting here awake at 1am... I'm undecided about work tomorrow. I feel well enough to work right now, but you usually tend to feel worse in the mornings when it is a congestion type thing...

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