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Well, my throats not sore anymore, but an annoying cough has settled into my chest. Grr. Maybe I should try & finagle some of that awesome codeine cough syrup out of my doctor. I love that stuff!

K102 had their annual St Jude Radiothon last week. Never fails, at least once every year as I am listening they will have one story that makes me start sniffling. Not so bad when I'm in the car, but it makes me a little self-conscious when I'm sitting at my desk at work. I called in my annual Partner in Hope renewal. I was emailing with my friend Dawn shortly after that, and she said that now that she has a better job she was able to call in and donate this year! Yay! She said that part of the reason was hearing me talk about donating. St Jude is just such a wonderful organization. Gods forbid I ever had a child with cancer, that is where I would want them to go.

Saturday night was the Alan Jackson/Martina McBride concert with my cousin Janet and her little girl Sierra. It was Sierra's first grown up concert & she was so excited about it! She's 5 years old. They also just got back a week ago from a trip down to Florida with my cousin Susan and her little girl Emily, who is the same age as Sierra. They hit all the Disneys, and Sea World. Sierra is soooo lucky! She has a cool mom. Kathy never took us anywhere fun, and I doubt she has ever been to any concert ever, let alone take us to one we wanted to go to.

Well, I'm off to take a big 'ol swig of Nyquil... have to go to work tomorrow.

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