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We actually got our Christmas bonuses at work, sort of. They did the same thing they did year before last, where they said we didn't meet the projected goals, but we did pretty good, so we didn't get bonuses, but we did get an American Express Gift Cheque. So I stopped at Best Buy and turned my bonus into Angel Season 1 and some of the Star Trek movies that we didn't have yet. I was very tempted by the Highlander TV series though...

genevra stopped by and let me try a bit of the chocolate that dakegra had put in with her ebay purchase. English chocolate = yummy. :) she definitely looks pregnant now, but I guess that's to be expected, what with the twins and all. I have decided that the boy is Spike and the girl is Angel. And that is what I will call them. It is much more interesting than Beth and Mike. :)

Hey, passaddhi, I thought of you as I left work today. The ducks think that winter is over and there was some duck sex going on in the pond at work.

My Graphics tablet is on it's way to me! Yay for tax refunds! Yay for student discounts!
hellbob gets to spend part of the tax refund on a video card. Here's our email conversation about it the other day:

HB: My video card and memory come to 262. Can I order it today?

HZ: Sure


HZ:It's so easy to make you happy! :)

HB:12 years and you're JUST figuring this out?

HZ: R- "I want sex"
S- "Here's a video card"
R- "Oooh. Gonna go shoot things now..."

HB:No, it's more like
R "I want sex."
S "No. Buy a video card."
R "I'm going to shoot things because my wife hates me."

You know you are either insane, or a graphic design major when you buy a magazine that is literally nothing but ads!

Eep! the Oscars are this Sunday! They snuck up on me! Anybody want to come watch them on super giganto tv with me? We have tivo in case of any wardrobe malfunctions! Not that that will be happening. They're doing the 5 minute delay thing, because Gods forbid the American public find out that women have *gasp* nipples!

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