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Well, $90 in copays later hellbob and I are home from the doctor, and we have drugs!
HB injured his back somehow over the weekend and was in major pain, and I'm still suffering from the cold from hell. So we managed to get a doctor appointment for each of us today relatively close together. He even got to see his regular doctor.
My $25 office visit co-pay confirmed that I do not have strep, pneumonia, walking pneumonia, bronchitis, or the bubonic plague. I have a cold. But it did get me a prescription for a super decongestant, and the coveted bottle of codeine cough syrup. He gave me 30 days worth of the decongestant so I have enough to share with anyone living in the basement who wants some...
Rick's doctor couldn't figure out what was causing his pain, but he now has prescriptions for Vicodan and a muscle relaxant of some sort.
So now we are sitting here in the living room all drugged up.

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