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I can breathe!!

The uber-decongestant the doctor prescribed really does work! My head is mostly snot-free! I'm hardly coughing, and my voice is almost normal!
Now why didn't I go to the doctor 2 weeks ago? Oh yeah, the $25 copay...

Went to this weeks Insights 2004 lecture tonight. This is a 5 week series of lectures on Graphic Design featuring speakers from all over the world. Last week it was Paula Scher from the New York firm Pentagram. It was really interesting to see her work and hear her talk about how she started. All you people who are sitting out there going "who the heck is she?" have seen her work, even though you don't know it. She designed the citibank logo. But she also does much cooler stuff. This week the lecture was by 2 guys who are from here in the Cities. Their company is Aesthetic Apparatus and they mostly do screen printed posters. It wasn't quite as good as Paula's talk last week, but it was still pretty good. And I got a free poster.

If anyone is looking to laugh uncontrollably, go read this. I was so amused by it that I read all the cat entries in her memories, and now my tummy hurts!

Also, here is a link stolen from the linkarific minervacat about gay marriage, or more specifically, the apocalypse that will be caused by these evil gay marriages. Cuz, you know, marriage is sacred and all and reserved for men and women to marry each other, like Brittney Spears & her 10 second marriage. It is soooo much more sacred than the couples who have been together for decades but were not allowed to marry...

Tomorrow after work I will be running to Southdale to the Apple store to see if the guys at the genius bar can explain to me why Chiana's system profile says she only has one 256 MB card of RAM instead of 2. Cuz when I look in there it sure looks like 2 to me... At least I know why she gets so cranky when I have a bajillion windows open... She can't find half of her brain!

Wow, that codeine cough syrup is a wonderous thing... It is only 11:00 and I am sleepy! I will have to finish catching up tomorrow.

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