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I had class at 8 am this morning. Unfortunately I either didn't turn my alarm on last night, or my hand turned it off this morning without speaking to my brain first. So I rolled over at 10:20, looked at the clock, said a few naughty words and hopped in the shower. I was out the door by 10:30 and by 10:31 I was handing my license to a cop.
Grr. And it was in the one area that I never speed normally. He asked me what the hurry was and I said that I had overslept for my 8:00 class. He asked where it was and I said that it was just right downtown at MCTC. Then he asked how my driving record was, and luckily I was able to say that it was clean. He came back with my license and said that my record looked good and he was going to save me $130 and just let me off with a verbal warning. OMG! I couldn't believe it. As soon as I'd seen him sitting there I knew I was so totally busted. I really wasn't expecting him to just give me a warning.

Tonight was the Oestara ritual for WiCoM, which CotP was in charge of doing, and C. put her dedicant class in charge of planning and writing the ritual. This would be me and Russ. So tonight was the culmination of what feels like months of work, and it went really really well! I discovered that stagefright is much worse in practice than in the real thing...

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