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Yay! Jersey Girl next Friday! How can I go wrong with this one? I LOVE Ben, and I LOVE Kevin's writing! (not to mention the fact that J.Ho dies!)

50 First Dates was really fun and cute and sweet.

Memorial Blood Centers has really cool computer chairs now so you can either watch DVD's or cruise the 'net while they're draining your blood. It occurred to me when I was almost done that I could read one of minervacat's vampire porn fic recs while the vampires at MBC were taking my blood! :) Cool in a twisted kind of way.

At MCTC the teachers always mention how it's such a multicultural campus, and heading into Saturday class I saw that they were right. There were regular everyday grey squirrels, and there were also black squirrels.

I got a postcard from Denmark yesterday from lexiphanic! Yay! Thank you!

NCAA basketball - Since i know nothing I decided to go w/Min's picks for the final game cuz she's smart and stuff and actually watches college basketball. Unfortunately the college basketball gods hate us since Kentucky lost to UAB by 1 freaking point. Which means that Kentucky will not be winning the tournament. And Stanford already bit it too. Grr. So in order to continue getting some points to hopefully stay in the running, I need UConn, OK State, Wake Forest and GA Tech to win their next games, and also OK state to get into the final four against whichever St Louis div team that's not Kentucky that makes it. Other than that I don't give a rat's ass because those are the only teams still alive on my bracket. Bleah. But 23 out of the first 32 games isn't bad for someone who doesn't even know what/who a Terp is. :)

Hey, minervacat, a couple months ago you were pimping a Firefly mood set that someone had made, and I thought to myself, "Cool, I should do that" But I didn't and I didn't bookmark it, and now I can't find it... help?

Hey, genevra, Janet & I decided that the shower should be at your house, cuz then everyone can see the new house and the baby's room and stuff, k?

I keep getting spam to remortgage my house. I'm not getting penis enlargement or Viagra emails though. The spammers have apparently figured out that I have a house but not a penis.

And I just love my Bite Me icon so I am going to use it even though I'm not in a Bite Me kinda mood. :P

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