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"It's like I just don't know you anymore" ~ hellbob to me on Sunday as I was checking the NCAA scores and alternately cheering and swearing (frickin' Kentucky!) It's probably a good thing that he didn't come into the living room when I had the DePaul-Dayton game in the Picture-in-Picture while they were in OT.
HB has zero interest in college basketball, as opposed to me, who has a lot of interest only during March Madness when I get in on the office pool.

The spiders in our house have cloaking devices. On Friday as I was leaning my head back to wet down my hair I spotted a spider on the ceiling, RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD! I'm not scared of spiders, mind you, but I'm also not thrilled with the idea of one leaping onto my hair, or even worse, my face. So I backed up and stared at it for a while, contemplating whether to hope he stayed put while I washed my hair, or to use a washcloth to knock him down. As I was standing there staring at him, thinking to myself that since it wasn't a Black Widow or a Brown Recluse I would be perfectly safe even if it did drop down and bite me. Not that this inspired me to move, of course. So I'm still staring at it and it jumps down to the shower head. Our shower is on a movable arm thing so I pulled it on down to see where the spider was at. He wasn't there. And I hadn't seen him jump anywhere else. So the only conclusion that I could draw was that it had activated it's cloaking device. So, I then decided to continue showering since there is no way to avoid a spider in stealth mode if it wants to bite you. It didn't.

So, if you are still reading, apparently spiders didn't scare you off. How about snakes? We have snakes in our building at work. In our atrium area there are lots of plants and they are in what is basically a great big sandbox sized thing of dirt. It's very cool with all these actually plants planted in the floor. But when it starts to get cold, sometimes snakes come in where it is warm. Some of the ones that came in last fall are either still alive, or have had babies. Last Wednesday there were 3 garter snakes spotted out sunning themselves in our little garden. I'm fascinated by this. Jean and Wanda are terrified. They should overcome their fear of snakes the same way I did: alcohol!!

Yay! Jeanine got tickets to Prince!

Oh, I have a boyfriend! If you are my boyfriend or you know who he is, will you please let me know? When HB was home on Friday some guy called a couple times and asked for me and when HB said I wasn't here he just hung up. If I have a secret boyfriend, it is only fair that I know who he is!

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