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If I have a penis, I am less trainable than a monkey.

LJ Markov Random Text Generator

This puppy generates random text from your public posts. Overall the sentences tend to be incoherent, but it does come up with some fun ones:

"we wanted to go to work right now, but you usually tend to feel worse in practice than in the car, but it was just cuz we don't have a penis"

"I was playing with Angel screenshots to do a poster of a political figure, past or present"

"The computer says that one of minervacat 's vampire porn fic recs snuck up on all the cat entries in her memories, and now I can't find half of her memory."

"Sierra is soooo lucky! She has a bad memory slot"

"Here's a penis. And Stanford already bit it"

"The spammers have snakes "

"Memorial Blood Centers has a link stolen from girlfromsouth . She has apparently lost some points to shoot things because those four hobbits."

And my personal favorite:

"If I have a penis, I am less trainable than a monkey."

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