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Stooopid daylight savings time. I was thinking that it's 10:30, but it's really 11:30.

Hellboy was good. hellbob has now seen it 3 times, because he went with our friend Tom today.

I finished designing the baby shower invites for genevra, and have gathered all addresses but one. Will pick up stamps tomorrow, and off they go.

I also accomplished the start of 2 skirts. I bought the fabric ages ago, but hadn't done anything beyond washing it. I now have the fabric cut so I can get them sewed. Springtime is such a skirt wearing time of year!

Had my annual review on Friday. It went about as I expected. I got a little raise, which is better than no raise at all. Also, my supervisor seemed very supportive of the idea that my future goal with the company is to hopefully move upstairs to a department where my graphic design skills can be put to use.

We still have snakes in our garden at work! Michelle & I spent a while watching on on Friday. We were also talking to Jim from the advertising area, and when one had gotten to their area on Thursday night he was the one who had to catch it and remove it. Michelle & I were very amused by the fact that upon removing the snake from advertising, Jim brought it out to the atrium and released it back into the garden instead of putting it outside! We know there are at least 2, but probably more. Just tiny cute little garter snakes. I have pictures of one here, cut for the snake-queasy among you!

Amazon was calling my name yesterday, similar to the way SecondSpin tends to call to hellbob. I decided that I really needed Wil Wheaton's book, Dancing Barefoot. The little voice was also telling me that I need to buy Angel season 2 & 3, but I didn't listen.

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