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It was a pretty nice long weekend for me.

Thursday evening we lured chebutykin over with her non-forwarded mail. She got to meet the new basement resident, ksracxe, and her cat Buddy. We chatted for a while and she bestowed an ubercool Hellboy figure set on hellbob for Christmas, and we finally gave her her christmas/housewarming gift.

Friday is a holiday at work, so I got to sleep in! Then I wandered on down to the Minnesota Zoo. I'm totally loving having a membership. Since I don't have to pay each time it's not a big deal to go even if I can only be there a little while. I've got a few more zoo pics up at my photo gallery, including this one:

Go see the rest of them here

Then, Friday evening, hellbob and I went over to Casa de passaddhi for dinner. He cooked up a delicious roast with lots of yummy potatoes and stuff. It was very good, and it was nice to spend some time w/the monkey boy. He finally got his Christmas present! So, it is April, and we are finally done getting everyone their Christmas presents!

Saturday started with Intro to Graphics class, as usual. We started on Photoshop this week. It was pretty much a lot of review for me. Our final project for the class will be kind of fun. We have to put together a 4 page report/brochure of our ideal computer system for our chosen field. Basically a wish list of all the expensive stuff I want!

After class I went on up to my cousin Janet's house so me, Janet, and my sister-in-law Jen could plan genevra's baby shower. When hellbob picked me up afterwards we went to go see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was really, really good! And Jim Carrey didn't play goofy, like he usually does. I still can't decide if I like Kate Winslet or not...

Sunday was another lazy sleep in day, and then we went over to the Foley's house for egg rolls and spaghetti. We finished up the evening with a game of Apples to Apples. Then, hellbob I sat on the couch with our laptops, both of us working on homework.

And now it is time to go to bed.

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